Prequel Story of Guard Arkadiy-Dima – Part I

Arkadiy has thievish background. Three years ago he had stolen the wallet and been caught, interrogated and tortured, and after imprisoned. Time has passed and Arkadiy was invited by Prison Guard with an interesting offer from the Boss to be the Guard himself. But the condition of that deal was to experience all the tortures we usually apply.

Previous videos with Arkadiy can be found here.

A little spoiler: Arkadiy after that became the Guard of two Masters – also at under the name Dima.

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Officer Oleg in Prison – Final Part

The best way to make obey even such stubborn prisoners like Officer Oleg is to find their weak points. Not surprisingly, Oleg’s weak point turned out to be nipples. Right after we attached electricity to irritated under preliminary torments nipples Oleg finally agreed to do the exercising routine. Fortunately for us and unfortunately for Oleg, this is only the beginning of his long imprisonment.

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