Prequel Story of Guard Arkadiy-Dima – Part I

Arkadiy has thievish background. Three years ago he had stolen the wallet and been caught, interrogated and tortured, and after imprisoned. Time has passed and Arkadiy was invited by Prison Guard with an interesting offer from the Boss to be the Guard himself. But the condition of that deal was to experience all the tortures we usually apply.

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A little spoiler: Arkadiy after that became the Guard of two Masters – also at under the name Dima.

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Failed Robbery Attempt – Final Part

It seems that the lesson that the studio administrator decided to teach Vitaly turned into a real BDSM session for him. Especially painful was the whipping with a wet multi-tailed whip at the places of blows with a cane. Even after the complete submission of Vitaly, we are not sure that he will return home soon.

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Failed Robbery Attempt – Part I

Vitaly worked as an electrician. In search of a better life, he left his country, but could not find work there. He couldn’t think of anything better than trying to rob a yoga studio by pretending to be an interested client. But the studio administrator managed to see through his plan and twisted him for interrogation. Moreover, Vitaly was doubly unlucky, as the studio administrator turned out to be an amateur torturing such muscular guys as Vitaly. Vitaly had already gotten into trouble earlier when he worked as an electrician. Evidence of this can be found at this link.

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Failed Escape of the Hooligan – Part I

Did you remember this Hooligan? He was interrogated hard and after getting testimonies there were a Court which found him guilty, and he had been transferred into hands of our Guards. Four years has passed and the Hooligan tried to escape from our Jail but his attempt has failed. Now it’s time to interrogate him again!

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Gymnast Anton – 3 Years in Slavery – Part II

That day was the worst day for Anton during all 3 years of his slavery. He’s body has perfectly accustomed with our torture techniques but his new Overseer applied them like nobody did before, paying special attention to Anton’s navel and nipples.

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Revenge of Officer Oleg – Part II

During imprisonment and further in slavery officer Oleg have tried on himself a lot of torture methods. Also our Security Guard have made a fatal mistake. He took all the torture devices with him and now he will taste them all one by one. The Revenge of Oleg will be slow and sweet for him and for all who peep on these two massive and muscular guys.

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War Birds in the Cage – Final Part

Finally the Slaves were allowed to try themselves as the Punishers for each other. It become understood that they are far away from professionalism but it looks like Slave Denis loves that role. Nevertheless who will win this game only Master would decide. And for slaves’ training purposes, it is unlikely that he will make a fair decision.

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