Captured Paratrooper – Final Part

It’s time to make a real slave from this brave paratrooper. The humiliating procedures like prohibition on wearing clothes, forced cleaning and cumming on command will become an everyday routine for him. Certainly any disobedience will lead to cruel and painful punishments!

Price $5.00



Rent-a-Boy Andrei – Final Part

Master continued testing the sensitivity of Andrei’s body to the various types of pain. This time, Andrei had to endure electric torture. But all the kinds of pain were only a prelude to sexual slavery. Andrei had to learn how to cum at an allocated time! He was not a good pupil in that and got the next portion of punishments!

Price $5.00



The Recruitment of an Employee – Final Part

To check out how Mikhail can properly deal with the extented responsibilities, the Chief gave him a few assignments. The first of them was to jerk off by order. Not without difficulty, but Mikhail coped with this task, which was followed by several others equally humiliating. The last task was to do a blowjob. After that, we can assume that the training program for a new employee was fully implemented.

Though it has taken a lot of time, we finally forced this captive to kneel down. But first we stretched him, burned his stretched back out by the candles and pouring his stomach by the hot wax implementing that way some of our creative sadistic ideas.

Price $5.00