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19th of February, 2024 – Three videos with Egor are moved to Captives World website with $3 discount on each part.

16th of February, 2024 – New Nikolai’s video series – Secret Agent Nikolai in Captivity
Part I – Forced physical activity driven by a whip and with the weighted nipple clamps
Part II – Half suspended in stressful position, flogged sometimes with the iron nails under his stomach
Final Part – Tortured by pliers, hanged arm-twisted with the nails under his feet

7th of February, 2024 – New Vova’s video – Military Story with Vova
Single Part for Military Fetish Fans -16 minutes 4K video of Vova and Victor punished by whipping.

31st of January, 2024 – New video series with naked SashaSasha in Slavery
Part I – Stomach punches and electric tortures (including navel, nipples and penis)
Part II – Upside down suspension for chest and back flogging
Final Part – Foot tortures, hot wax tortures, iron nails scratching and finally whipping

12th of January, 2024 – New video series with DimaDima’s Second Trial
Part I – Crucified and flogged by the leather belt on his chest, nipples and ribs
Part II – Suspended on his wrists and legs and back flogged

The videos released after relaunching of RCB website:
Arkadiy (Dima) – Trained to be Guard in video series Prequel Story of Guard Arkadiy-Dima.

Electrician Vitaly is captured again in video series Failed Robbery Attempt.
Hogtied video with the guy from Revenge of the Offended Sadist video series.
The Hooligan in the new video series Failed Escape of the Hooligan.
Kickboxer Semen in Hogtied video.
Artem Zakharov in Hogtied video.
Gymnast Anton story in the series Gymnast Anton – 3 Years in Slavery.
Officer Oleg and Guard Vladimir story in the series Revenge of Officer Oleg.
Former Soldiers Denis and Dima in the series War Birds in the Cage.
ValeraRobber in the Playroom.
Seva in previously unreleased video package with about 300 pics – Private Meeting with Seva
Officer Oleg Officer Oleg in Slavery.
Vladimir Rent-a-Body 2022 – Vladimir.
Officer OlegOfficer Oleg tortured in prison.
Alex Dzuba (favourite model of Grand Master) – Four videos with Alex Dzuba tortured including full nudity.
Another Victim of Justice – Two brand new videos with the Guy from video series Another Victim of Justice.

To watch a list of all the new videos released after May, 2020 please click here.

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